Student Design Competition Club (SDC)

SDC club or Student Design Competition Club aims at providing a fun-filled opportunity for the students to broaden their knowledge in fields like robotics, electronics, programming, mechanics, design, manufacturing etc. The club members will also be able to participate in the International Student Design Competition, conducted by ASME.

The main objective of the club is to provide a platform for students to present their solutions to a range of design problems, from everyday household tasks to groundbreaking space explorations. The club also aims to:

  1. Help students design, construct and operate a prototype that meets the requirements of the problem statement provided by ASME and guide them to compete against other teams participating in the competition from various parts of the world.
  2. Allow students to cultivate interests in various fields of engineering without formal grading.
  3. Provide a real-life exposure to the actual engineering fields, which are much different from theoretical studied methods.
  4. Offer an opportunity to the students to showcase their practical skills.

Student Design Competition will take place at ASME’s global E-fests. Engineering Festivals or E-Fests are three-day, two-night events built around design, advanced manufacturing, and robotics technology. E-fests are usually held in three parts of the world – Asia Pacific, North America West and North America East. The competing teams are to design, construct, and operate a prototype which can meet the requirements of the problem statements. The problem statements and rules will be made available on ASME’s website prior to the competition. The winners of the preliminary round are eligible to participate in the finals.

The previous E-Fest Asia Pacific was held at LNMIIT, Jaipur (3rd-5th March, 2017). The final round of the competition was held in Tampa, Florida, USA.

The members who wish to join the club must have a basic knowledge and interest in the fields of electronics, robotics, computer programming, and designing.

Apart from knowledge and experiences gained by working for the club, the participating team also gets internationally valid participation certificates and cash prizes varying from around 500$ to 3000$ along with about 40 activity points for KTU students.

SDC 2018

If you are interested in the fields mentioned above, and you want to make your mark, then this club is the destination for you.

For more details Contact:
Adithya Sukesh,

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