Phase 1 Phase 1
October 14, 2017 Sriram Sankar

Greetings team,

This is intended to give you an idea of what we will be doing this month as part of our phase 1 operations. The existing teams will be categorized into back-end work and front-end work and everyone has to function on their own to keep the wheel spinning.  Some front-end tasks can be achieved without the help of the back-end teams but most of the tasks require a coordinated effort from both teams. For example, to publish a blog post the writer has to have the support of a graphic designer. The post after being reviewed must go to a graphic designer before it can be posted as the designer has to add watermarks to the images.

Please Note:

The social media team cannot start working, until the graphics and the website designing teams have completed their set of tasks.


Things can’t progress beyond a point without the completion of the database collection tasks

Expected date for completion of Phase 1: 31-10-2017

Front End – Website designing, content writing, and social media marketing.

Website Team

The pages that need to be completed are

  • About
  • SAME
  • Services Offered
  • Club pages for HPVC and SDC
  • Join the movement page with form sheet

Portfolio Items to be completed

  • Autocalypto 2013
  • SLDC
  • Bosch
  • Madhukar Sharma
  • Bus Stop

Website backend works – Inbound Linking, Outbound Linking, and SEO.

Content Team

Website work

  • About content for mechfisat
  • About content for SAME
  • About content for ASME FISAT
  • About content for SAE FISAT
  • About content for mechanical department at FISAT (Basic overview available in

Blog Work

  • Minimum 5 posts
  • Submit article to mechfisat guideline post
  • Posts that develop inbound Linking opportunities

Social Media Team

Social Media Campaigns

  • Art by mechfisat photography campaign. (Maybe)
  • Announce of website campaign
  • Logo launch campaign
  • Like, Follow, Subscribe – Recursive Campaign
  • Email Marketing Set Up
  • Blog Post Shares
  • AdSense account set up
  • Inviting Articles Campaign
  • Announcement of HPVC and SDC Club – Join/Apply now campaign
  • One post per day. Create Posting schedule for Dec – Collaborate with content writing team and graphics team

Back End – Graphics and Database team

Graphics Team

Task Outline

  • Logo
  • Like, Follow, Subscribe posts. Yes POSTS.
  • is live post.
  • Logo Launch Post.
  • Apply to SDC Post
  • Apply to HPVC Post
  • Blog post watermarking
  • Assist Social media team with one post per day
  • SAE FISAT Logo
  • SAE FISAT Workshop announcement
  • SAE FISAT Launch Post
  • Join SAE post

Database Team

Get the following ASAP

  • Autocalypto 2013 Images from Anoob Sir
  • Autocalypto 2016 Newspaper reports from PRO
  • ASME FISAT Member list
  • Founding dates of SAME, ASME FISAT And Mech Department
  • MGU Results of Mechanical batch over the years. Analyse placement statistics from website and create content