Nautilus 2k18


Nautilus is the biennial tech fest conducted by Federal Institute of Science and Technology, Angamaly. With Nautilus 2K15 soaring to a height hitherto unexplored, with a dazzling automobile show ‘Autocalypto’, needless to say, Nautilus 2K18 was highly anticipated for the wonders it would bring. The 2nd and 4th semester batches were the most excited, as it would be their first time attending the fest.

With everyone gearing to bedazzle the visitors from other colleges, as well as make their own students gape in wonder, the Department of Mechanical Engineering wasn’t going to let anyone take away their spotlight. Rather they wanted to be the only ones the spotlight was trained upon.

They organized a series of events, catering to the different aspects of Mechanical, as well as exploration into Mechatronics. They are listed below

1.Threading the Needle

Threading the needle was an exciting air show which was held on the 6th February, the 2nd day of Nautilus.  The program exhibited and demonstrated the action of cool drones controlled by human pilots blowing minds away. One of the most noted ones were the gesture controlled drones which were full of wonder and innovation. The air show was conducted by a start up called Dhruva. The show is one which is being popular. About 1250 students attended the show.




2.Game of Drones

This event was held on the first day of Nautilus. The event was a challenging one requiring a team of four contestants building a drone which could complete a set of obstacles as fast and smooth as possible. A total of 9 teams had participated in this competition which had a total prize money of 40k. The first prize was 25k followed by 10k for the second place winners and 5k for the third place winners. After the contest a Drone show was conducted by the winning team for a small audience comprising the Dean, Chairman and faculty in charge who had contributed in organising the program.






The program was one which was conducted over the course of 2 days  like an open exhibition which consisted of a hoverboard, drone, bionic bird and dancing humaniod. The exhibits were placed at different venues and attracted a lot of attention. The program was conducted by a company known as Cash Probe who appeared for IITs in their tech fests. The hoverboard attracted a lot of attention and a small class was held on the first day on how to gesture control the drones. Various members of the College  management also took part in the program.





Robosoccer was a sporty event where a team was required to have a Bot on a small football field guarding their goals and simultaneously trying to score against the other teams Bot. The bots had to fit in a cube of side 30cm at all times and were not allowed to expand during the game. The prize momey was 5k for the winning team and 3k for the team finishing second.  Both wired and wireless bots were presented by the teams for the competition having various other rules for gameplay, fouls, disqualification etc




5.Robotic Workshop

This workshop was also conducted by Cash Probe. It was held by the course of two days and had over 31 participants. The participants were taught the basics of mechatronics and also the construction of small machines like Drones, Robotic arms, RC planes and Maze solving Robots.




6.Tour de Force

Tour de Force needed a team consisting of 3 members to build a cycle and ride it until the finish line making sure nothing falls apart. This event totally entertained a lot of bicycle lovers and the competiton had about 4 rounds.





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