The go kart club operating under Department of Mechanical Engineering, FISAT is a club with a vision of revolutionizing the automobile industry. The main objective of this club is to prepare mechanical engineering students to participate in BAJA (Baja SAE is an intercollegiate design competition run by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)). The club was established in 2018 after a group of mechanical engineering aspirants created a fully functioning go kart named KARMA.The next stages planned by the students will bring about more advanced vehicles, fitted with superior technology.


Engine displacement               : 98.0cc
Engine type                                 : Air cooled, 2 stroke
Number of cylinder                 : 1
Valves per cylinder                  : 0
Max power                                  : 7.8 PS@5600rpm
Max torque                                 : 9.8Nm@5000rpm
Fuel type                                     : petrol
Starter                                         : kick


Transmission type                       : Automatic
 Final drive(rear wheel)               : Chain drive


Front tyres(full spec)                  : 3.50*10 4PR
Rear tyres(full spec)                    : 3.50*10 4PR


Rear brake                                      : 240mm disc


Front suspension                         : wishbone
       Rear suspension                           : Double cross


Length                                               : 196cm
Width                                                 : 180cm
Height                                                : 137cm


Karma is an in house project which focused on producing an all terrain vehicle within a given short span and a shoe string budget. Karma 1.0 being a single seated cross-kart having a 98 cc 2 stroke single cylinder gasoline engine producing a maximum power of 7.8 ps@5600 rpm and a torque of 9.8 Nm @5000 rpm is the first successful creation under it.

The 2014-2018 batch of mechanical engineering students of FISAT have dedicated Karma 1.0 to subsequent batches to develop further by laying a platform for new lines of Cross-karts and go-karts.


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