Design Projects Expo

The students of S5 Mechanical Engineering department conducted a project exhibition on 23rd November 2017, which aimed at showcasing the design projects developed by them as a part of KTU S5 Design Project requirements.

The design projects implemented by the students mainly included the working design model and a project report. The main aim of this exhibition was to showcase the capability of the students and to recognize the importance of teamwork and practical knowledge. The design projects exhibited mainly aims at solving the day to day problems experienced by individuals. The projects ranged from very large Portable car shed to small modular Alcohol sensor system that can be fitted in the helmet.
The exhibition had great support from the mechanical engineering department. It also received a tremendous response from the students of other engineering branches and most of them were scurrying to get a glimpse of the projects displayed. Some of the design projects developed by the students includes:

1) Sewage collector which was developed to solve the problem of sewage deposition in the canals.
2) Portable water purifier, which aims at providing a method to purify water.
3) Geneva wheel paper cutter which helps to cut pieces of paper having specific dimensions.
4) Automatic road bend assist system which aims to reduce the road accidents at sharp corners and hair pin bends.
5) Automatic bike stand lifter system which automatically lifts the side stand once the motorcycle gets switched on.
6) Fruit plucker which helps to pluck fruits from certain heights.
7) Sterling Engine replica was made using tin cans.
8) Automatic blackboard cleaning system which aims at reducing human efforts to clean the board.
9) Alcohol detection system embedded in the helmet which aims to curb the menace of drunken driving of motorcycles.
10) Electromagnetic breaking system was developed to provide better breaking ability.
11) Portable car shed was made to develop an alternative to provide shade for the vehicle where it was not possible.




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