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The students of SAME FISAT believe that one should always be prepared for the future no matter how far of it is. Keeping this in mind SAME organized a audience for the students of the department with  Dr. Harris Makatsoris, Professor of Manufacturing Operations at Cranfield University, UK. This seminar was arranged to talk about the various opportunities available in their institutes after under graduation. But before we get into it a special thanks should be given to Dr. Harris Makatsoris  for switching three flights over two days to make it to our here.

Name explained about the various courses available not only in his department but took the effort to go the extra mile and explain all the courses offered by the University.What we learned was that Canfield specializes in Post graduate courses and doesn’t offer any  courses for under graduates.This makes it difficult to rank it accordingly to Wikipedia , but the statitics presented during the seminar showed it to be one of the top 10 in  U.K.

Through this seminar we got a much better idea about our future options .We also got a glimpse about the various scholarships available , which is a boon; considering the fact that a course in the said University ranges upto 17 lakhs a year.

All in all it was time well spend ,as a person who is prepared for the future is a person who is already way ahead of others.

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  1. REJEESH C R 3 years ago

    Dear content editor,
    So happy to see this initiative.
    however I would suggest some changes to make it look more professional.
    1. First and foremost, the Date of programme 7/2/2018 is not mentioned..
    2. The names of 2 guests are not mentioned.. out of which one is Dr. Harris Makatsoris, Professor of Manufacturing Operations at Cranfield University, UK. and the other one If you know please update.. Replace The word Name from the original post..
    3. a picture of the resource person taking classes or a glimpse of the audience would be more relevant..
    4. include captions for pictures to make them meaningful

    For reference:
    Awareness Talk on Opportunities in Higher education – Cranfield University, UK

    On behalf of SAME FISAT, an awareness talk was organized to give our students a fair idea about the opportunities of higher education at Cranfield University, UK. Dr. Harris Makatsoris, Professor of Manufacturing Operations at Cranfield University, was our resource person. A special thanks to Dr. Makatsoris who went an extra mile to make this programme fruitful and without his dedication this event would not have been possible.

    The talk addressed the various opportunities available for mechanical engineering graduates for higher studies in UK and especially Cranfield University. Cranfield University specializes in Post graduate courses and is one of the top universities in UK. He detailed the various courses available in the University and elaborated on the various schemes of scholarships available to our students.

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