Congratulations Namitha

Congratulations Namitha
August 14, 2018 mechfisat

Ms Namitha of S3 has made the entire mechanical dept of FISAT proud by marking a sensational achievement in the history of the academics of the department.

She has received full Outstanding (O) grade in B-Tech S2 KTU end semester exam with SGPA 10/10.

She has achieved this marvellous result with great elegance and poise and is a true inspiration for her professors and fellow students alike.

All through her first year of study in the institute she has done her part in honouring and elevating the illustrious image of the dept in international stages with such elegance and grandeur that it deserves special appreciation.

She has been honoured as the fastest female rider in the country for HPVC competition at E-Fest Asia Pacific 2018.

We wish her more great achievements and honours for years to come.

With unsurmountable pride and happiness, the Dept of Mechanical Engineering FISAT.


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