Construction Of Waiting Shed at Azhakkam

FISAT has always engraved its signature in various social activities and has always involved in services for improving the life of the people in the locality. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) & Student Association of Mechanical Engineers (SAME) under the guidance of Dr. Jose Cherian, Head of The Department, Mechanical Engineering has embarked on an ambitious plan to enhance the quality and value of education and develop high-quality individuals who are socially committed. Association contributed various socially committed projects which are beneficial for the public. Construction of waiting shed in Mookkannoor is also one such endeavor. This waiting shed will also act as a sign of remembrance of our beloved students Hima .C .K and Ambu Sivadas who passed away last year (2015) leaving behind many sweet memories and unfulfilled dreams. The project was executed at Azhakam Junction, Mookkannoor and successfully completed within a period of two months with whole-hearted support from the college management and the continuous effort of students.


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