SAE FISAT Marks It’s Debut Appearance

Cue the coconuts and champagne bottles!
The 9th of January was quite a memorable day for SAE FISAT as they kicked off the Tier 1 competitions for the year 2018, as well as their first competitions since the conception of the chapter in the college.
Students turned out in enthusiastic droves to participate in what will be the first of many events organized.

The first of the events, Auto Quiz, was held in the morning, where teams of three competed against each other in the world of automobiles, ranging from history and brands to latest technology developed.
The winners were Tom Joseph, Sivaprasad S. and Vishnudas T.M. of S4-ME-B

The second event, How Things Work, was conducted in the afternoon, where teams of two were shown a gyroscope and a governor and asked to deduce the working of each component.
The winners were Akshay Kumar and Amal Shaji of S4-ME-A

Congratulations to the winners. They will now go on to the zonal level to represent the college. If they win, they will go on to the national level where they will compete against colleges from all over the country.

And a huge round of applause to the ones who worked tirelessly to bring the chapter to life. We look forward to seeing SAE FISAT flourish.


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