Tour De Force: A Cycling Marvel

Tour De Force: A Cycling Marvel
March 6, 2018 mechfisat

Nautilus!! FISAT’s biennial tech fest witnessed a completely new and innovative event this year.Well, how else would you term the most subject oriented event that has happened in Nautilus? ” Tour De Force”, was one of the Mechanical department’s technical event in Nautilus this year.   The event that was conducted on the 5th of February, 2018 mainly consisted of three parts

  1. Assembling a completely disassembled cycle in the shortest time.
  2. Passing a safety check by experienced professionals.
  3. Lastly completing a cycling race within the shortest time in the cycle.

Now the main aim of this competition was not only to test the knowledge of the team members in identifying and correctly assembling the cycle parts but also how they could apply their skills in tackling such a simple problem in the fastest way. The safety of the assembled cycles was judged based on the rigidity of the joints, seating, and handlebars. But the thing that kept us on our toes was the fact that this was the first time such an event was conducted in our state, and we had no about how it would turn out. Luckily we received a pretty good response from kids from Adi Shankara, Euro tech and so on participating in the event. In the end, it was the students from SNGCE that finally took home the prize of Rs 5000, completing the event in a record time of 47 minutes.Which was followed by the home team from FISAT in the second position. Now to those of you out there who regret missing this opportunity, don’t you worry Cause due to the tremendous response received, we plan to continue this event in the coming years, only bigger and better. So make sure that your present for the next ” Tour De Force” and may the odds be ever in your favor. A sneak peek of the promo can be viewed by clicking here

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