Tech-Talk On Lean Manufacturing – Mr. Madhukar Sharma

On the 26th of September Mr. Madhukar Sharma, the president of ASME India visited the FISAT campus in relation to the upcoming event – SLDC 2015. He talked to the students about his countless experiences as an engineer and an employee of ASME. The session inspired many students to look at the field of engineering from a different perspective. The ASME FISAT chapter released its annual newsletter christened ‘Momentum’ and Mr. Paul Mundadan, the chairman of FISAT presented it to the chief guest.

After the formal ceremony, the students got a chance to interact with Mr. Madhukar Sharma, during which he talked to the students on “lean thinking in manufacturing”. He took a wonderful seminar on lean thinking in manufacturing and its significance in this present era. He inspired many thoughtful questions from various students. Mr. Madhukar Sharma also spoke on the various roles that ASME played in a student member’s life.




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