The Student Association of Mechanical Engineers (SAME) is an organization in the department of mechanical engineering at the Federal Institute of Science And Technology (FISAT). It is a parent organization that holds the International student chapters of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE).

Being a fascinating pit stop for all your technical events, workshops and compelling problems of national and global significance, SAME has progressively strived to be the best.  The organization has been known for taking into individual concern, topics of interest among the entire student camaraderie.

Key aspects that SAME upholds:

  1. Integrating cooperative education into the program for all students.
  2. Providing a strong foundation in mathematics and science with a balance between liberal studies and technical courses.
  3. Establishing a balance between the engineering sciences, an appropriate computational experience, and experiment work and engineering design components of the program.
  4. Incorporating a strong practical component in the program with an excellent understanding of laboratory facilities.
  5. Bridging the gap between teachers and students and thus creating a feeling of Mech family.
  6. Working independently as well as collaboratively with others, while demonstrating the professional and ethical responsibilities of the engineering profession.