Rising intolerance in social media

Rising intolerance in social media
June 10, 2021 mechfisat

Intolerance ; it is a very interesting word. Now , what does it mean? Intolerance is the “unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behaviour that differ from one’s own”.
Intolerance is not new phenomenon. It has been here as long as we humans have been existing. Because as humans we have always had our own opinion regarding every matters and those opinions and aspects vary from one person to another.
The importance of intolerance in this 21st century where people talk or chat more via social medias than when they meet in person lies in the basic fact that even though intolerance have been around for a long time , we lacked a platform to express it. And social medias have provided us exactly that; a platform to breed intolerance. As a result there has been a massive rise of intolerance in social media.
With immaculate features and easiness to handle social media have also made it far more easier to mark our views on anything and everything thus making it easy to present our intolerance regarding anything. Intolerance in social media become more prominent as we have all kind of people who vary in different aspects of a person starting from age to even race .
When we comment against something or someone or when we support a hash tag etc. we are practically expressing our intolerance on a certain aspect to the world. So is intolerance a bad thing? Certainly not. Just like everything else intolerance is not a bad thing if felt and expressed within its limits. While it is not a negative trait , intolerance can also become toxic if we cross that certain limit and violate private space of another person or a group; even in social media.
If used and diagnosed properly expressing intolerance through social media could be used as another effective form of protest like the ones for Palestine and Israel issue going on right now.


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