May 17, 2021 mechfisat

One day you can have super human vision and hearing abilities or play our favourite albums and
movies in your head or even download or download your brain to a computer or to another body.
This may sound like something that came right out of a scientific fiction movie .
Elon musk and his team at neuro tech start up ( neuralink) believes that their are electronic brain
computer interfaces could make this possible . Which was described as a” Fitbit in your skull with
tiny wires” by Elon musk .
Neuralink want to make installation of computer interface painless and quick as easy as laser
surgery , the design has changed significantly and now resembles a small coin about 8mm which
houses electrodes about the thickness of 1/20th the thickness of a strand of hair to install the
neuralink a tiny piece of skull is removed and the nueralink is slotted in to sit flush with the skull
since this process need to be extremely precise the neuralink team has created a robot specifically
for this procedure so that the entire process will take less than an hour were your under partial
anaesthesia installing the device will only leave a tiny scar and includes all the sensors one would
expect in a smart watch , once installed the device will be able to send and receive electrical signals
through your brain and use this to control machines in its early stages it would allow control of basic
devices like computer and other smart devices . Your brain sends information’s to different parts of
the body using neurons , neurons in your brain connect with each other to form a network and
communicate using chemical signals called neurone transmitter. The reaction generate an electric
feel by placing electrodes near by , you can record these reactions the electrodes translate these
signals into an algorithm that a computer can read .
Yet the goals of the company speaks about the potential problem of artificial intelligence in the
future. Elon Musk and his team has been very fearful about ai and believing one day overshadow
humans . Musk’s inevitable transhumanist goal of augmenting intelligence and abilities may be
necessary if we are to compete with advanced artificial intelligence . However neuralink team has a
long way to go before the emergence of ai human hybrids . The company have a lot of bureaucratic,
ethical and technological hurdles to cross . If nueralink accomplishes half of what they claim we
could see the emergence of one of the most significant technologies in human history as technology
to treat illness , mobility problems and much more


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