A letter to my wonderful team of go-getters

A letter to my wonderful team of go-getters
September 28, 2017 mechfisat

My friend,

I hope this letter finds you well. I congratulate you on being a part of the glorious mission: mechfisat.com.

Have you asked yourself this?

As you struggle with academic burdens already, why should you be a part of this journey? Why not just do what you are told and pray for good grades? Why not just hope that your grades will get you placed someday?

I thought I’d share with you, my dream through this post.

I have a dream…

I dream of a day when engineers realize their worth, a day when students of the stream proudly own up to what they are, a day when they realize what they are capable of.

We blame the society, the syllabus, the education system and whoever pushed us into this field at an age when we didn’t know what we wanted.

Well, tough luck.

Time to own up. Time to take a reality check.

The fact is that you are in it for the long haul. Why not just realize your true potential instead of complaining about the system?

Push yourself. For you’ll grow in ways you never thought possible.

Enter mission: mechfisat.com.

Here you are, part of something much bigger than yourself. The Royal Mech. 

This crown that has been thrust upon you. This burden or this fortune. The big shoes to fill or the big shoes to create.

You choose.

I have a dream…

I dream of a place where a Mechanical engineer can come to in retrospection, to proudly say: That is me up there. Those are my brothers up there. The Royal Mech! We will always be.

I dream of a place that tells a story to the onlookers, a glorious tale of what makes us royal. A place that motivates us in the toughest of times. A place that proves to us that there is nothing we cannot do.

A portfolio of our royalty, a herald for our unbreakable spirit and unity.

A dream, will it always be?

As I’m counting down the months I have left on this campus, I hope one day you will call me and say:

O Captain! my Captain!
We made it Alas.


Yours faithfully
Your proud Captain
Sriram Sankar



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