Join the MechFISAT Team

Join the MechFISAT team and learn content marketing on the job.

The Mechanical Department at FISAT is one that dates back. The students of the department are aware of the numerous activities happening in the college. Yet what good does it do if it’s only us who know about it?

This website is the dream of the department. Through this, we endeavour to mark an online presence among other Mechanical departments in the colossal world of the internet.  We intend to exhibit the various events occurring in the campus, the talks given, and the ingenious projects developed by our students. We aspire to spread the name of MechFISAT far and wide.

Come join us at MechFISAT. We have plenty of opportunities for you, be it graphics designing, content writing, social media integration or database collection. Find your niche, and rise above every Tom, Dick and Harry not contributing his part to this department.

The curtains are up. Time to prove your royalty.