Augmented Reality In Robotics

Augmented Reality In Robotics
May 17, 2021 mechfisat

Augmented Reality in Robotics

Amal Shammy

“Augmented reality is gone to make a significant role in whole   world like drinking water. It will become a part of our life.”

We define Augmented Reality (AR) as a real-time direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment that has been augmented by adding virtual computer-generated information to it. AR is both interactive and registered in 3D as well as combines real and virtual objects. AR is so closer to the real world

Robots have been helping humans in manufacturing tasks in factories. With the help of robots, businesses not only achieve higher efficiency but ensure the safety of their staff in hazardous areas. AR can offer an immersive medium to operate robots. With the help of low-latency networks, people can utilize robots remotely using intuitive AR controls. Augmented reality, robotics, and virtual reality can be used together in various industry sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, and private space research.


Augmented reality can be utilized to train robots for various tasks. By training robots we can reduce man power in hazardous environmental. Object recognition is another utility of AR robots can be trained to identify and pick up several objects. So in this post pandemic situation augmented reality helps in maintaining social distancing.

Now a day augmented reality has immense scope in field of Healthcare and military training. AR-powered robots can be used to perform surgeries and assist disabled people. In conjunction with this can be used to train soldiers and help them understand how to use military robots and drones.

Augmented Reality is far behind Virtual Environments in maturity. Possibly by the end of this decade we will see the first mass-marketed augmented-reality system, which can be described as “the Walkman of the 21st Century”. Augmented reality make our world fully digital and we can interact with the real objects digitally, the technology has halfway reached its goals and in no time it can make this real world fully digital with more powerful displays and tracking techniques and we can experience this technology with ease


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