Arduino BootCamp

An Edifying Boot Camp was held at FISAT in the second week of February 2019 under the guidance of Mr. Martin Antony, Assistant professor, ME. The camp was successfully conducted by the students of S6 and S8 ME. The primary objective of the initial phase of the camp was to enlighten the students on the basics of Arduino and enhance their programming abilities.
The participants were emphasized on various projects that could be made using an Arduino microcontroller. They were entitled with different beginner tasks which could give them a clear picture of Arduino and it’s key features. Initial efforts included teaching the students on the basics of programming as well. Students showed great enthusiasm in striving to sculpt their own programmes and were eloquent in it.
This initiative was extensively appreciated by the management and received exemplary feedback from the students. It could apprehend the mask of complexity involved in Arduino and indulge a spirit of confidence in the students.

BootCamp Assignments

Students Interested in going forward on the BootCamp are required to complete and submit an assignment.
Details and references to three projects are given below, including all Materials required, Components required, Circuit arrangements, Program Codes, etc.
Those Students Going forward with the Assignments will have to submit the same, on or before

11th March 2019