An Ode To Endurance

An Ode To Endurance
January 26, 2018 mechfisat


The Story of Asia Pacific’s Second-Best Robotics Team

Ever heard of ASME? Well, for those of you who haven’t heard about it, it’s basically a society for all the Mechanical engineers in the world with about 130,000 members in it. The society holds an E-fest every year for the students to find out the best future engineers across the world.

The endurance bot in action.

Now check this out.

This year (2017), some of the fifth-semester Mechanical Engineering students from the Federal Institute of Science and Technology (FISAT) formed a team named Endurance to compete in the Student Design Competition (SDC), at the E-Fest held in Jaipur, Rajasthan in March.

Now, the SDC is essentially an event where the team has to build a robot that can accomplish the given tasks.


  1. Throwing the ball.
  2. Climbing the stairs.
  3. Lifting the given weight.
  4. Sprinting
  5. Hitting the target.

Well, guess what! Build they did.

Endurance 1.0 – The first of its kind.

The team went on to win the second position in the Asia Pacific round and even got qualified to compete in the finals at Florida, this November 2017.

What’s amazing about this is the fact that they had to compete with 64 teams, mostly IIT’s and NIT’s.

But wait.

They were also terribly underfunded with a total expenditure of only Rs 30,000 and still they fell second only to the team from IIT Bombay who spent Rs 4,70,000.

Talk about the underdogs making their stand.

All the 5 tasks were completed easily by the team and the spring loaded catapult mechanism built for throwing the ball was commended as one of the most innovative and economical methods by the professors of IIT Kharagpur.

The team participated for the finals in Tampa, Florida with their upgraded model Endurance 1.2.

Endurance 1.2

After their success, the team has set up an SDC club under ASME FISAT to train future contestants and pass on their knowledge.

The next team is coming to E-fest 2018 with Endurance 2.0.

Go Team Endurance!

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